2016 - 2017

The Rfc+ collection consists of 13 suspended blown glass lamps, designed for the Royal Glass Factory, which has an extraordinary collection of casts of more than 4500 copies of undoubted historic and artistic interest which are true hallmarks of the factory.

Among them, 22 molds were selected to form a collection of thirteen suspension lamps. Each mold has its own identity and origin. Some have revived after a lethargic rest and have returned to work to honor their history and to create clear glass that make up the positive line. They are manufactured in a traditional manner using the technique of cane-working.

Molds that were unused (last used in the early 1900s) have been reused, giving them a new utility and contemporary vision. The study of the passage of light through the glass generates halos on the ground that reflect the soul of the molds.

The main material is colorless to demonstrate the pure essence of its volume and its origin, playing a dialogue between tradition, technology and natural beauty.
The light source is a unique piece, designed to illuminate the space and backlight the material.

The Rfc+ collection reflects our fascination with materials, purity and tradition of glass.

Every time a Rfc+ lamp is sold, it helps preserve our historical heritage.

You can find at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

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