Café Barbieri, a place with so much history tied to the Barbieri Theatre and the Zarzuela, as well as a meeting place for artists, writers, musicians, and even King Alfonso XIII.

The journey of colours goes from the mirrored room in sand and classic tones with natural light, to the light grey transition room with a glass ceiling, as well as the second room in a coral colour, passing through the staircase and access area to the bathrooms in petrol blue, and ending in the interior of the bathrooms in a carmine shade.

We always say that a well-lit space can greatly contribute to the wellbeing, emotion and success of the proposal, as light is colour and colour is light, and in order to get it right, light, colour and texture must always be studied together.

BuilderCafe Barbieri
PhotoPablo Gómez-Ogando Rodríguez