Gandía Blasco


The space for Gandía Blasco was designed on the basis of its material nature. The natural elements, air, light and earth.

The space was created by constructing different atmospheres, through warm translucent layers with a lot of air and suspended light, generating opacities and depths and allowing the silhouettes of the different collections to show through. Local materials were used and will be reused.

The cork floor is a dark background that enhances the different collections, as well as representing the earth, providing comfort and acoustic insulation.

The scent of the stand is a mixture of cedar, leather, and cinnamon, and the floral arrangements are by Loreto Aycuens with dried flowers painted in clay on paper maché supports designed exclusively for the stand.

All materials will be used in other exhibitions.

ClientGandia Blasco
PhotoJames Harris / Patricia Parinejad