RAY comes from stingray, a marine animal in a diamond shape and responds to our fascination with the aqueous forms of the marine world and asymmetry in nature.

Conceived as a multifunctional table, it consists of an ergonomic bottom drawer that slides from one end to another, where objects are stored in a cotton fishing net. The legs, designed as fins, solve by means of combining two rectangular tubular profiles, support the whole.The top of simple lines hides the complexity of the bottom.

The tones and disposal of ash wood represent the traces left by the sea on the sand. A carefully selected combination of wooden slats, whiter on the inner bark and redder on the outer shell.

RAY has been built by three local artisans: cabinet-maker Frank Buschmann has created with his own hands the top in ash wood. Mihai Herrero has produced the legs and sliding drawer with a metallic structure with tubular steel and lacquered in white. Finally, the 100% cotton net has been sewed by hand based on ancient techniques of San Sebastian fishermen.

RAY represents the aqueous forms of the marine world, where we find not only beauty but also accuracy, fairness and effectiveness.

María Sainz Alonso
Handmade by
Woodworks Buschmann bella - Marian Becheru
Pablo Gomez-Ogando Rodríguez
Alvaro Iglesias Reino

C/ Ilustracion 4, 1ºB
28008 – Madrid

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